• List of feature films about music bands (real or fictional).

    List of films about bands
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    Eddie and the Cruisers (1983) - A Jersey band in the 1960s rises to fame but right before their second album comes out, the master recordings and the lead singer Eddie, mysteriously disappear. Twenty years later reporter Ellen Barkin investigates.

    That Thing You Do! (1996) - The Wonders rise to fame for a brief while in the 60s before ultimately becoming a one-hit wonder . Written and directed by Tom Hanks .

    Almost Famous (2000) - Semi-autobiographical story of writer and director Cameron Crowe 's life as a teenage journalist already working for Rolling Stone magazine while still in High School . [ citation needed ]

    Dreamgirls (2006) - Academy-award winning, critically acclaimed story about an all-female African-American singing group in the 1960s starring Beyonce Knowles .

    This Is Spinal Tap (1984) - Director Rob Reiner 's famous "mockumentary" about a heavy metal band trying to make a comeback while being followed around by a film-maker.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains (1981) - A cult classic starring Diane Lane about three teenage girls who form a punk band.

    School of Rock (2003) - A heavy metal guitar player voted out of his own band works as a substitute teacher for advanced placement kids. To compete in a battle of the bands with his former mates, the guitarist, played by Jack Black , teaches his students to be his rock group.

    Rock Star (film) (2001) - Based loosely on the real story of the replacement lead singer for the band Judas Priest . In the film the band is the fictional " Steel Dragon " and the character is Chris Cole (Mark Wahlberg). Cole's life metamorphoses when he goes from singer of a Steel Dragon tribute band to the actual lead singer of Steel Dragon, replacing his idol in the process.

    The Commitments (1991) - a film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Roddy Doyle , which tells the story of some unemployed Dubliners who form a soul band.

    Bandits (1997) - A German film about four female convicts who start a band, and then escape prison. While on the run, the heroines perform concerts and attain fame as a rock band.

    Rock On!! (2008) - A Bollywood film about a 90's-era grunge band who break up due to pressures of conforming to major label constraints. Ten years later, the estranged members meet up again by chance, eventually reforming the band and their friendships.

    Airheads (1994) - In a desperate attempt to gain radio airplay for their demo, a would-be rock band take a local radio station hostage until their songs are played on the air.

    The Doors (1991) - Oliver Stone's biopic about the 1960s rock band The Doors , focusing primarily on the life of Jim Morrison .

    Bandslam (2009) - After moving to a new school, previously unpopular music enthusiast Will teams up in an unlikely pairing with former cheerleader Charlotte to form a rock group and perform in a battle of the bands competition called "Bandslam".

    Prey for Rock and Roll (2003) - Jacki is the lead singer of the all girl punk band Clam Dandy. On the verge of turning 40, she decides to give the band one last shot at stardom before retiring her dreams.

    The Last Waltz , (1978)- filmed/directed by Martin Scorsese and arranged by travel-weary Robbie Robertson of The Band as a farewell concert for The Band . Containing comments by the bandmembers and a host of notable guest performers asoociated with The Band, it contains concert footage and interviews taped both upon the occasion and afterward. The film drew controversy in part, as the other bandmates did not share Robertson's eagerness to part. Other issues, according to Helm, involved the lack of visibility of The Band itself, drug use both on set, (including by Scorsese and musicians ostensibly affecting the quality of the film), and Helm felt the film portrayed Robertson the key player in a star role, minimizing what appeared to him as the importance of the other bandmates and their contributions.

    Sid and Nancy (1986) - (also known as Sid and Nancy: Love Kills) is a 1986 British film directed by Alex Cox . The film portrays the life of Sid Vicious , bassist of the seminal punk rock band the Sex Pistols . It stars Gary Oldman as Vicious and Chloe Webb as his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen . The movie chronicles the lives of the couple and their early deaths.

    Vicious Lips (1988) - is a 1988 movie directed by Albert Pyun about an all girl band that has to travel across the galaxy to play a gig.

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  • Britney Spears Fights Cyborg Paparazzi In 'I Wanna Go' Video

    Chris Marrs Piliero-directed clip features 'Weeds' actor Guillermo Diaz.

    Britney Spears proved her comedic chops on the small screen in her cameo on "How I Met Your Mother," and now she's once again displaying her funny bone in the video for "I Wanna Go," which dropped Wednesday (June 22).

    Like he did with Ke$ha before, director Chris Marrs Piliero makes off-kilter pop culture references and pokes fun at the idea of the sexy pop star. There's a number of Spears-related references, including a polka dot bikini top as an homage, perhaps, to Minnie Mouse, her skull-wearing Mickey Mouse ears T-shirt and a movie theater marquee that reads "Crossroads 2: Cross Harder."

    Spears has touched on her relationship with the media in the past, but perhaps not with this much humor or self-deprecation.

    The video opens with a press conference, where reporters ask the superstar crazy questions such as, "Is it true you banned junk food, smiles, candy, sunshine and laughter from your Femme Fatale Tour?" The answer: Yes, obviously.

    "Can you confirm reports that you're pregnant with Brad Pitt's love child?" The answer: "That is false: It's quintuplets."

    Eventually annoyed by the onslaught of increasingly dumb questions, Britney declares, "F--- you" to the reporters in the room. The only person who passes the test is "Weeds" and "Half Baked" star Guillermo Diaz, who is hanging out, wearing a hat that only the Burger King could love. She then dashes out onto the streets in her Avril Lavigne-worthy, pop-punk princess finest.

    It seems Britney has decided to live life on her own terms. She grabs the bum of an autograph-seeking fan. Then, she flashes a group of men, and as a cop tries to arrest her, she has her way with him right there on the street. Britney just doesn't care anymore, and why should she? She's finally having fun.

    Britney displays the sass and charm fans fell in love with a decade ago during performance shots, where she flirts with the camera, her eyes as big and wide as her smile.

    Fans are back with her as she makes her way around town and, of course, the paparazzi have found her. For one photographer, she gives an impromptu fashion shoot before smashing his camera. And when she finds herself surrounded by more of his cronies, she takes them out one by one with any singer's best weapon: her microphone.

    There's a surprising turn, however: As the mic slams itself against the photogs, pulling the skin off their bodies, it reveals that they are cyborgs, much to Brit's dismay. So, what's a girl to do?

    She's rescued by Guillermo, who drives her through the desert. She dances in the car, wearing only a bikini top and miniskirt. And just when she thinks she's safe, it's revealed that he too is a cyborg. Can't Brit ever catch a break?

    The video returns to the press conference, where the pop star awakes from a daydream and reveals, "Guillermo, I had the strangest dream."

    "I love dreams," he tells her. "And seashells," he says, placing several in her hand. "Come on, let's get out of here."

    But, is Britney truly safe with Guillermo? In an homage to the final frame of Michael Jackson's classic "Thriller" video, the clip closes with Diaz turning his head toward the camera to reveal his red, glowing robot eyes.

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