• Mumford & Sons bassist leaves hospital

    Mumford & Sons bassist Ted Dwane has left hospital following emergency surgery.

    The British indie folk group announced Ted had been rushed into a clinic on Monday to treat a blood clot on his brain.

    On Tuesday the rock band, fronted by Marcus Mumford, confirmed they would be postponing headline concerts in the US as a result of the news.

    Despite Ted's release, the group have now announced on their Facebook page that they will cancel all remaining US tour dates.

    'It is with great joy that we can announce that Ted has been discharged from hospital and is on the road to a full recovery. The surgery went well, and the excellent medical team helping him are very pleased with his progress. He has been nothing short of heroic in how he has handled the whole ordeal, and now it has been medically proved that he does indeed have a brain," read the statement.

    "It is with sadness that we have to announce the cancellation of our scheduled performances. If we could've we would've, you know that about us. We trust that you can respect our collective desire to encourage Ted to make a full recovery, and that this is based purely on the medical advice we have received."

    On Wednesday it was reported that Ted was well on his way to recovery. The group's banjo player, Winston Marshall, took to Twitter to keep fans updated on his progress.

    "Ted is recovering nicely from surgery. He's a brave little boy. Thanks for all your support. We are very grateful," he wrote.

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  • Iommi 'disappointed' Ward isn't back in Black Sabbath

    Black Sabbath founder Tony Iommi says he is disappointed Black Sabbath's original drummer Bill Ward didn't reunite with the band but he also says it isn't the first time Bill has done a runner.

    'It's been a on-off thing with Bill for many years with me,' Tony tells Noise11. 'It was disappointing. We were all disappointed in it. It happened before with Heaven & Hell. We wanted Bill to come in and Bill wanted to do it again. We got him in and he left again. We were used to it really. It's a shame. We would have liked Bill to be on the album and I'm sure Bill would have liked to have been on it but it just got to a silly situation. It just didn't happen'.
      Iommi is the only founding member of Black Sabbath to have never left the band. 'It was just that I never left. I carried on,' he said. 'What do you do? You try and make the best of what you can. I enjoyed some of what we done. We did some really good stuff. With Dio I thought 'Heaven & Hell', 'Mob Rules', they were good albums. 'Dehumaniser' and stuff. Also some of the stuff with Tony Martin and Cozy I liked'.
      'When people aren't there you try and replace it and its really difficult to replace original members because that's the sound you have, you all create,' he says.
      On some albums Tony was the only original member of Black Sabbath. 'I've done quite a few albums with Tony Martin, Cozy Powell, Tony Murray. We'd done 'Headless Cross' and the 'Forbidden' album, which was the last one we'd done with that line-up. I didn't really like that album'.
      Tony did try to remove himself from Black Sabbath once. He recorded 'Seventh Star' as a solo album but the label decided to release it as a Black Sabbath record. 'Yeah, I wanted it to be a solo album. I didn't want it to be under Black Sabbath. The situation at that time, the record company wanted a Black Sabbath album. They took that. It had gone to a stage where they didn't have anything so that was it'.
    Black Sabbath will release '13' in June.

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