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  • YouTube Cover Songs Threatened by New Copyright Lawsuit

    Plaintiffs say they're not being compensated for millions of plays of cover videos
    YouTube notched a major victory when Viacom lost its landmark copyright infringement suit against Google last month, but suits involving the online-video giant keep rolling in. The New  York Times is reporting a group of music publishers including Warner/Chappell are taking aim at Fullscreen, the company behind many of YouTube Read more »


    The Copyright Alert System launches today in the U.S. If you are illegally sharing music, movies, or any other copyrighted media, you can expect a little slap on the wrist in the form of a notice. If you continue to cross the omnipresent system, penalties will increase to an extreme level of annoyance. Via Billboard Biz:


    The system allows content owners to send infringement notices to subscribers via the ISP but the way each ISP deals with infringement will vary, according to details previously shared by the CCI. Infringers will first receive educational alerts and will be followed by alerts that require the infringer to acknowledge receipt of the notices. Continued infringement may result in what Lesser called Read more »

  • The Beatles Love Me Do Is Out Of Copyright

    The Beatles first single, Love Me Do / P.S. I Love You, has entered the public domain in Europe and small labels are already taking advantage of the situation.

    The Beatles

    The European copyright laws grant ownership of a recorded track for fifty years, which Love Me Do just passed. That means that, starting January 1 of 2013, anyone who wants to put out the track is free to do so.

    That law may be changed before the end of this year, moving the threshold to 70 years, which will help records released in 1963, but it is not expected that the new protection will be retroactive. The current U.S. copyright law grants 95 years of protection.

    The first to take advantage of the new status is a small company called Digital Remasterings who have included Love Me Do on a release of early Beatles recordings including the often released Hamburg Star Club live show.

    Another who has released the song is Pristine Classical who normally specializes in remastering and releasing public domain classical pieces but has broken that policy for the Beatles' song. According to many sources, they are doing it more in protest of the the pending updated limit which will reduce the number of recordings available for their library.

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