BillHiltonBiz - Hammond organ improvisation technique

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http://bit.ly/billsbookThis video tutorial is a bit different! Quite a few people have been asking me for tips on how to play Hammond-style organ - so here you go!

The main thing to bear in mind, as with any organ, is that there's absolutely no sustain (and if you're using a digital piano with a pedal, you should staywell away from it - it's cheating). So you have to be very careful about your fingering.

The trick with Hammond improvisation is to be decisive - melodic runs that get overcomplicated, run into dead ends or peter out sound lame on an organ, because there's nowhere to hide. It's best to stick with simple, clear ideas, only adding complexity and colour when you're sure it'll work.

The Hammond tone is also best suited to "dirty" sounds like the blues scale - play anything too pure on it and it'll sound weak and lame.

In the main, sticking with basic bluesy tunes, riffs and chords will work atreat.

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