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  • 05:04 Gr8bluesgtr - SRV Glissando Technique

    Gr8bluesgtr - SRV Glissando Technique

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    http://www.steviesnacks.com/texas-tone - In this short lesson I show you the sliding technique (glissando) that Stevie Ray Vaughan used to accent the beginnings and endings of certain licks. Maintaining firm pressure while sliding down the neck is key for

  • 03:33 Gr8bluesgtr - Texas Flood Sliding Double Stops

    Gr8bluesgtr - Texas Flood Sliding Double Stops

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    http://www.facebook.com/StevieSnacks - Here's the cool sounding lick from the Album version of Texas Flood by Stevie Ray Vaughan, played during the last verse.