CreativeGuitarStudio - Associating Chords, Notes on Guitar, GIT Experience

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www.andrewwasson.com AndrewWasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers questions from off of his Guitar Blog website... Q (#1). Associating Chords: There is a whole bunch of different chords and I can't really combine them with the songs. I have no Idea of how to use them. Can you do a lesson on different types of chords and how to associate them with songs. -- Cristian - New Jersey Q (#2). Notes on Guitar I am trying to teach myself how to play guitar and I know how to read music, but how do you play the notes on the guitar? I have looked up reading guitar tabs and most are talking about placement of the finger on the tabs to play. I need help in actually reading the guitar music sheet. When playing the A on a scale which finger and string is it on? - Melody Q (#3). Hi, Andrew. I'm from Quebec and I would like to attend the Musicians Institute in California, but I'm not sure how much money should I expect to spend every month, or if I should get a car, etc.. I would really appreciate if you could share your experience in California. Thanks - Alex THE PLAY-LIST URL FOR MUSIC READING VIDEOS: www.youtube.com Thanks for Writing in! _____________________________________ The Creative Guitar Studio Web-site: www.creativeguitarstudio.com Andrew's Official Q&A Guitar Blog Website: www.andrewwasson.com Andrew's "Creative Guitar Studio" YouTube Channel www.youtube.com Follow Andrew on Blogspot: creativeguitarstudio.blogspot.com Follow on Twitter for new lesson announcements: twitter...

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