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www.andrewwasson.com AndrewWasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers questions from off of his Guitar Blog website... Q #1). I've been trying to record my amp into my computer using an SM57, a Lightsnake cable, and Audacity. My problem is that I can't get enough volume in the recording without using some kind of amplification effect after recording, even with my amp's volume on half of maximum. Where should I position the mic to get the best sound? I've been trying to do this with the mic positioned roughly over the center of my amp's speaker. Also, if it helps, I'm using an adapter to make the Lightsnake cable work with the SM57. - Duncan, California Q #2). Is there any way of warming up without touching a guitar both mentally and physically through the use of something like a grip exerciser? This is something I could imagine being very useful before lessons, or when jamming with friends when I might not have the opportunity to run through my usual warm ups. - John, Germany Q #3). I've been playing electric guitar now for many years&I've recently started to learn about the theory behind the music such as; scales, modes, inversion and the names of the notes across the fret board. My question is; when playing a scale over a chord, (or a progression), what intervals in the scale should I highlight or target and what are the tonal qualities of each of the intervals based off a given root note. - Gareth, South Wales UK. Thanks for Writing in! Links are below...

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